In Class Assignments:

Landscape Painting-

For the technical skills I think i deserve a 3. All the pieces were passed in on time but I think I could have paid for attention to detail. Over all the painting is good quality. Next time i could improve the care, control, quality of the painting.
For the creative skills I think i deserve a 3.5. I mixed a lot of different colors together to get the same effect and the color scheme i was imitating. I could have improved the attention to detail throughout the painting. The colors match the one painting really well and over all it came out goof.

Final Still Life-


Color Vocabulary-

Hue: a tint or shade of any color (light blue)
Primary Colors: a color that can not be mixed to form another color (blue)redbuoy.png

Secondary Colors: a color resulting in mixing two primary colors (green)
Tertiary Colors: colors that are created by mixing primary and secondary colors (red-orange)


Analogous Colors: colors that are next to each other on the color wheel ( yellow-green, green, blue-green)


Monochromatic Colors: all the tints or shades of a color (dark blue, blue, light blue)


Complementary Colors: opposite of each other on the color wheel (red, green)


High Intensity: has a lot of vibrance (neon green)


Low Intensity: a color without a lot of vibrance (gray)


Warm Colors: vivid and energetic, and tend to advance in space. (yellow)


Cool Colors: give an impression of calm, and create a soothing impression. (purple) marlborowoods.png

Value Portrait-

1. Technical Skills:
On the technical piece of this design I believe I deserve a 3. There are only a few gaps and white space showing. The glueing is neat and not messy. It holds together well and is mounted well on the white tag board. It is a neat and complete collage.
2. Creative Problem-solving Skills:
On the creating problem solving I think i deserve a 2.5. Over all it is but together well but I could have used more shades and smaller shapes so it portrayed my face better. It looks like a person but unless you know who it is it is a little hard to see the resemblance between a photograph and the collage. I don't think it looks very 3 dimensional and I could have spent more time on it.
Why might the exercise of breaking down a photograph into value shapes help when you are drawing?
The exercise of breaking down a photograph into value shapes can help me when I’m drawing because I can look more closely at the things I am drawing so I can see more value and different shade helping the drawing look more realistic. The idea of value can bring the drawing to life more then if there was little to no value. It helps me understand better the importance of value in art.

Negative Space-

1. Technical Skills Justification:
I believe I deserve a 2.5 on the technical skills because my thumbnails are not very good and the final product is just decent.
The thumbnails are rushed and not very good because i wanted to allow time for the final product and I am not very good at drawing.
The positive space background in the final product is somewhat rushed and messy and I think i could have done a better job on that.
Over all i feel that my final product came out well but the thumbnail drawings could be a little better.
2. Creative Problem-Solving Skills Justification:
On the creative problem solving i believe I deserve a 3. I think this because my pattern used for the negative space is unique and different.
I also think it works well with my drawing and gives a different sort of edge to the sides of the leaves. The positive and negative space in my drawing
work well together in my opinion. I think that it could be a little neater however. Over all the pattern used in the background brings out the positive space well.
3. Why do artists make thumbnail sketches before starting a formal drawing? In what ways did it affect your work?
Artists use thumbnails before starting the formal drawing because it is easier to start as a small sketch and then blow it up then it is to start on a big piece of paper.
A lot of times if you are given a big piece of paper you make the drawing to small

Positive Negative Leaf Design-

1. Technical Skills Justification:
I think that I deserve a 3 on the technical skills of this project because over all the craftsmanship is very good. There are a few that have
some smudges and glue marks but over all the craftsmanship is good. All the designs fit how I think of tension, balance, and rhythm. I closely
followed all the directions when completing this project. Over all I think the work i did on this project meets the standards.

2. Creative Problem-Solving Skills Justification:
For the creative problem solving piece of this project i think i deserve a 3. I demonstrated the 3 different ideas well, but i don’t think they were
very original and really high level of thinking. Overall however i think i demonstrated balance, rhythm, and tension very nicely and i put a lot of effort
into the final product.

3. Which of the four designs do you feel is the most successful in terms of using positive and negative space well? Please explain.
I think my most successful term of using positive and negative space well is my balance design. The white space is as interesting as the black and
it has a good balance of both. It is very well laid out and one color does not over dominate the other. over all the balance piece is definitely my best use
of positive and negative space.

4. Which one of the four designs do you feel best communicates the assigned Principle of Art? Please explain.
I think that my tension design communicates the assigned principle the best. When I look at it, it really portrays tension well to me. The different parts
are really close together, so to me it really show tension. Over all my tension design communicates the assigned principle the best.

Sketchbook Assignments:

Painted Color Wheel


Color Meaning Collage


Still Life #2

Still Life #1






Household Tools: