Class Work:

Negative Space-

1. Technical Skills Justification:
I thought this project was really good for me because it is a project that you need neat craftsmanship in the project. Also I would give my self a 3.5 because I really payed good attention in the begging of my work. It started by making 4 thumbnail sketches and they were really good. Than I picked the one that looked the best and the one that met the exceeds standards.

2. Creative Problem-Solving Skills Justification:
I would give myself a 4 because my work was really done good and it was neat and shows good negative space. Also my work shows a good positive space because you can tell from the negative space that I evened out both positive and negative space. Also you can look at my sketch and see all the good detail and time in the sketch. Lastly the reason I give my self a 4 is because I did the best I could on the sketch.

3. Why do artists make thumbnail sketches before starting a formal drawing? In what ways did it affect your work?
Well I think professional artists use thumbnail sketches because they can practice with the sketches. Also they can pick out of the best drawings and use it as there final draft. It has effected my drawing because when I got to sketch all the plants I could have the best sketch as my final draft. And when I did pick the best one it came out to b a really good sketch.

4. Why does it matter what pattern you choose for your background? How do different patterns affect the "look" of this project?
Well it does matter because if it was just some strait lines in the pattern. Also if it is just some random shapes and designs. Also if the designs is only one shape of a leaf than it would not be interesting at all to look at because it is only on stem of a leaf. Lastly it would matter because would you rather like to look at some exotic shapes and designs or just a random shape.

Positive Negative Leaf Design-


defuscoleaf4.jpg Free Choice

defuscoleaf2.jpg Symmetry
1. Technical Skills Justification:
I think that this project was a really good for me because I am a very neat person and I try my best to make every thing sharp. I would give my self a 3 because there are some smudge spots I could not get out but I represented good detail and good quality. I had my name and P3 and what the leaf design was. And it represents very good craftsmanship and I put lots of time into it.

2. Creative Problem-Solving Skills Justification:
I give myself a 4 because I met all the exceeds standers. Also I made it clear about the positive and negative space. The designs met all the requirements and they look nice. Lastly the designs really looked as if they were symmetrical, or rhythm, and tension.

3. Which of the four designs do you feel is the most successful in terms of using positive and negative space well? Please explain.
I think the Tension was the best because there was little white space to be seen and there was a lot of things going on the the picture and the designs. Also there are lots of different shapes of negative shapes. And there are lots of different positive space's and the cut outs.

4. Which one of the four designs do you feel best communicates the assigned Principle of Art? Please explain:
I also think the Tension was the best because there was lots of things going on in the picture. The assignment was to crowd the shapes but also think about not making it symmetrical. Also it was a very neat design I did not just put random things on the paper. I really organized the shapes and a neat way.

Value Portrait Collage-

external image moz-screenshot.jpgDSC01191.jpg

1. Technical Skills:
I would give myself a 3.5 because I understood the concept and my craftsmanship was very good but it was not fabulous. There also was a little spaces of glue that was showing. Another reason is that the understanding of the project was very good because the quality was exceeding. Lastly the amount of detail in the was exceeding because there was small cut up pieces were in very good detail.

2. Creative Problem-solving Skills:
I would give my self a three because it looks three demential but there is some spots where it does not look three demential. Also the shapes of my face are all defined and in high detail. Also you can tell where my eyes and nose and mouth is and all the shades of my face are defined. Lastly you can see the three demential shapes on my face like the nose detail and where my neck and head connect.

3. Why might the exercise of breaking down a photograph into value shapes help when you are drawing?
Well I think that if you break down the pieces of paper you can get a lot more
detail that way. Also if you get different types of color detail in the picture if you used the type of black and white colors. Also if you pay attention to the light of the lamp on the face you can tell where the light is coming form and how bright it is. Lastly if you pay attention to all of the light and make the small pieces of paper you can get a lot of detail and craftsmanship.

Color Vocabulary-

Hue: Hue is a color or a shade.external image Picture%201.png

Primary Colors: Primary colors are any of a group colors from colors can be obtained by mixing. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow.
Secondary Colors: Secondary colors are a color resulting from the mixing of two primary colors to get orange, green, violet.
Tertiary Colors: Third in order or level colors.
Analogous Colors: Are colors compared together.
Monochromatic Colors: Are colors containing or using only one color.
Complementary Colors: Complementary colors forming a complement.
High Intensity: High Intensity is like a bright color and very intense. The brightness of the sun is High Intensity.
Low Intensity: Low intensity is a dark color. The darkness of night is really low intensity.

Warm Colors: Warm colors are like red, yellow or orange, they are colors that are usually bright.
Cool Colors: Cool colors are blue, green, and darker colors.


Final Still Life:


Final Still Life Self Assessment:

1. Look at the famous artist’s work that we discussed in class (the laminated sheets). Compare your marks to the marks created by Henry Moore, Vincent van Gogh and Giorgio Morandi. Which of the three artists’ marks, are the most similar to yours? Explain why and exactly where you used these marks:
I think my marks were most similar to Henry Moore. I say that because as you can see in his work he has lines of black that are similar to my leaves in my still life. Also Henry makes it look like the hands details and the way that the hands texture is moving. Like in my orange in the fruit basket, I made the lines move with the orange instead of drawing strait lines. Also one thing that is like Giorgio Morandi pieces of work is like my candle holder. because as you can see in he work that his lines are mostly strait or diagonal. And my candle holder that I have drawn really only has strait lines on the candle holder like Giorgio Morandi work.

2. Look at your work (all in the portfolio) and progress over time. What drawing(s) make you the most proud? Please explain:
The one that makes me most proud is the pre-instructional drawing with the shapes of different objects. I like that one because I learned a lot of it. Like how to make different line types and how to make it more three demential. Also the blind contour I learned a lot from because you have to make yourself not look at the paper and pay attention to the details in your hand and the objects. And the most recent project (Still life) was really had for me because that was one of the first major still life drawing I have ever done.

3. What are three important things you have learned? Please explain why they are important.
One thing that I have learned is to draw with the object, blind contour, and collage. The first one I learned was the blind contour, it helped me pay really close attention to the detail with the struggle of not looking at the paper. The second one is the collage. I really helped me pay attention to detail and to take your time or work. And it came out really good, and I learned a lot abut detail. The last one is the still life project. I learned how to make the lines go with the shape and move with the object to make it look spherical. Or roundish. All of the things I have learned in art will help me in my future and in my education.

Sketchbook Assignments-





Household Tool:


Still Life #1


Still Life #2


Color Meaning Collage


Painted Color Wheel