Color Vocabulary

Hue: Another word for color, it sometimes implies a lighter version of the color.

Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue

Secondary Colors: The three colors made from mixing the primaries, Green, Purple, Orange.

Tertiary Colors: These six colors are made from mixing primary and secondary colors together. Blue-green, Red-violet, Yellow-orange.

Analogous Colors: Colors that are in the same family, such as yellow, red, and orange.

Monochromatic Colors: The hues (tints/shades) of a single color.

Complementary Colors: Colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel. Blue-Orange, Yellow-Purple, Red-Green.

High Intensity: High color strength.

Low Intensity: Low strength of color.

Warm Colors: The colors that suggest heat, fire, or flames. Reds and Yellows are the warmest hues.

Cool Colors: The colors that suggest water, sky, and ice. Most blues, grays, and greens.