In-Class Work

Color Vocab.

Final Still Life

Still life drawing


Final Still Life Reflection

1. Look at the famous artist’s work that we discussed in class (the laminated sheets). Compare your marks to the marks created by Henry Moore, Vincent van Gogh and Giorgio Morandi. Which of the three artists’ marks, are the most similar to yours? Explain why and exactly where you used these marks:
Henry Moore’s marks are the closest to the ones that I made on my still life. In Henry Moore’s work he used many curved lines to show the shape of things, in many places you can see almost all of the individual lines. They are not blended together a lot. In my still life I also used many curved lines to show the shape of the arms and legs of the chair, the shoes, the apple and the watering can. My lines are not blended and you can see the direction in which all the lines are going.

2. Look at your work (all in the portfolio) and progress over time. What drawing(s) make you the most proud? Please explain:
I am most proud of my final still life drawing. I think that it is my best piece of work out of all of these things, I think that I did a pretty good job on showing the different values, and also on the proportion of the whole thing. Also I am proud of my contour hand drawing.

2. What are three important things you have learned? Please explain why they are important.
During this unit I have learned how to show value with charcoal. This is important because you need to know how to make things look realistic, and also to show shapes. I also learned how to make drawings in proportion. This is important because if things are not in proportion then it looks odd, and like it is falling over. Another thing that I learned is to look more at the thing that you are drawing rather than the paper. This helps to make the drawing more detailed and look more realistic.

Value Portrait Collage

value portrait

October 27, 2008


Technical Skills:
I think that I deserve a 3, or meets the standard for the technical skills part of this project. This is because my attention to detail was good, but not fabulous. Also on my collage there are some little gaps between pieces, but I do not feel that they detract from the overall appearance of the collage. Also the gluing and mod-podging hold the pieces together.

Creative Problem-solving Skills
I think that I deserve a 3, or meets the standard for the creative problem-solving skills for this project. This is because the shapes of the features are defined but they do not look very real. Also there is a likeness between the photograph and the collage. But it is not a clearly understood translation of the photograph. I think that the collage does look three-dimensional.

Why might the exercise of breaking down a photograph into value shapes help when you are drawing?
This could help with drawing for a few different reasons. First, I think that breaking it up into the different values helps to look more closely at the different values. Then when you draw, you know better the different values, and to look at them. Also, I think that it helps to show how to use different values to make an object look like it is three-dimensional.

Negative Space Drawing

negative space drawing

1. Technical Skills Justification:
I think that I deserve a 3, or meets the standard, on the technical skills. This would be because there are some mistakes on the pattern in the background. The circles in some areas are different sizes from circles in other areas. Also, there are some wrinkles on the sides of the drawing. I do have four complete thumbnails that are somewhat varied, one from each plant, and with different backgrounds.
2. Creative Problem Solving Skills Justification:
I think that for the creative problem solving skills I deserve a 3, or meets the standards. This is because I think that the positive and negative space work well together. The positive and negative space creates a strong composition. Also the pattern in the background is not especially unique or original, but it was applied with care.
3. Why do artists make thumbnail sketches before starting a formal drawing? In what ways did it affect your work?
Artists make thumbnail drawings before starting a formal drawing so that they can get an idea of what the final will look like. Also so that they can try several different things and then decide which one that they like the best. I think that the thumbnails were helpful in trying out different patterns and shapes with the different plants. Also, I think that using the thumbnails helps an artist find which shape works the best for the task given.
4. Why does it matter what pattern you choose for your background? How do different patterns affect the “look” of this project?
I think that the patter in the background can greatly affect the shape in the foreground. It can also affect the overall look or mood of the drawing. Different backgrounds can make the picture look busy or simple. Also the pattern can either draw attention away from the object or it can draw attention to the object.

Leaf Designs




Unique Composition

1. Technical Skills Justification:
I think that I deserve a 3.5 on my technical skills. This is because I think that I cut and glued the pieces on the paper relatively well. However, there are some smudges of glue in some places and there are some pencil marks. I think that I followed the directions well, and that I have all of the required aspects.
2. Creative Problem Solving Skills Justification:
I think that I deserve a 3 on my creative problem solving skills. This is because I think that I made three designs that demonstrate tension, balance, and rhythm in a unique way. However, I do not think that my unique design shows negative and positive space in an outstanding and dynamic way. But, the design, I think, considers the relationship of the positive and the negative space.
3. Which one of your designs do you feel is the most successful in term of using positive and negative space well?
I think that my tension design was the most successful in terms of using positive and negative space well. In my tension design the positive space is as interesting as the negative space. I also think that this particular design shows tension well.
4. Which one of the four designs do you feel best communicates the assigned principle of art?
I think that my symmetry design best communicates the assigned principle. This is because I think that I demonstrated symmetry in an interesting way. Making the positive and negative space both interesting. Also, both sides of the design are the same, which is symmetry.

Sketchbook Assignments

Color Wheel

color wheel

Color Meaning

color meaning (white)



Falling / Exploding



Household Tools

hosuehold tool