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Negative space drawing


Negative Space Self Assessment

1. Technical Skills Justification:
I think that I got a meets+ on this assignment because I met the requirements and did a good drawing but my background is messy plus there are a few wrinkles. When I was doing the negative space background I did use solid evidence of experimenting with some of my thumbnails and I used that to make my decision. Unfortunately when I took the paper to study hall I accidentally got it a little wrinkled which probably lowered my grade. In conclusion I believe I earned a Meets+ on my technical skills.

2. Creative Problem-Solving Skills Justification:
I think I deserve a meets on my creative problem solving because there is good negative space and it works well with the positive space. When I made the negative drawing I made sure it was recognizable as a plant but unfortunately it was a little off from the original sketch but it still came out alright. I also took lots of time on my pattern for the negative space and it took me almost 3 full classes to finish it plus 30 minutes of study hall. In conclusion I do believe that I deserve a meets on Problem-Solving skills.

3. Why do artists make thumbnail sketches before starting a formal drawing? In what ways did it affect your work?
Artists use thumbnail sketches because they need to get an idea of how to draw the final copy. For artist to get a feel for a drawing they need to do a rough draft so they know how its going to look that way they could get a good drawing. This also helped me get a feel of what my drawing would look like and how I was going to meet the requirements and make the picture look good. In conclusion it is very helpful to make thumbnail sketches to get a feel for the drawing.

Why does it matter what pattern you choose for your background? How do different patterns affect the "look" of this project?
It matters because the background needs to have texture so that the picture can stand out from the background. If the pattern is going to be complimented by anything in the picture its going to be the background thats why you have to have a well designed background. Also different patterns change the way the picture looks from different shapes to different sizes of shapes. In conclusion the background is a big importance to the overall picture.

Leaf Design


Positive - Negative Leaf Design - Self-Assessment

1. Technical Skills Justification:
I believe that I got a Meets on this assignment because I followed the directions but I have a few slight errors. My leaf designs for each type of symmetry are correct to the specifications and I showed detail with each of my designs. Some of my errors are that some glue is showing on symmetry and free choice and there are some rough edges on just about all 4. Yet overall I would still give myself a meets.

2. Creative Problem-Solving Skills Justification:
I think that I deserve a meets- because I used the three designs but there’s not a whole lot of positive negative space in them. When I used the three designs of Tension, Balance, and Rhythm I gave it a lot of time with care and consideration and lots of thought. However I did not take a lot of consideration into negative or positive. Even so I would still give myself a meets-.

Which of the four designs do you feel is the most successful in terms of using positive and negative space well? Please explain.
In terms of using positive and negative energy my rhythm would be my first choice. This is my first choice because it had the best sequence of black and white and took up just about the entire paper with the design. Another reason why I chose this one was because it had lots of rhythm with the negative and positive space. That is why I chose this design as the one that had the most negative and positive space.

Which one of the four designs do you feel best communicates the assigned Principle of Art? Please explain.
The design that best communicates the assigned principle of art is my symmetry. I chose my symmetry because it probably took the most time and effort to make. I also chose this one because it has the most texture to it and is just leaves and parts of leaves nothing else recognizable. Those are some reasons why I chose this design as the one that best demonstrates the assignment.

Sketch Book

Falling Exploding




House Hold Utensil


Still Life 1


Sill Life 2


Color Wheel


Final Still Life


Color Meaning


Landscape Painting