In Class Assignments:

Color Vocab

Hue: a color or shade. (blue)

Primary Colors: any group of colors from which all other colors can be obtained by mixing. (red)
123.pngThe Railway at Bois-Colombes. 1886. Oil on canvas

Secondary Colors: a color resulting from the mixing of two primary colors. (violet)
papalpalace.pngThe Papal Palace, Avignon. 1900. Oil on canvas

Tertiary Colors: a color resulting from the mixing of primary and secondary colors. (red-violet)
Ingraham_1.pngTrain Trestle, Bath, 2008, Oil on muslin on panel

Analogous Colors: colors that are located next to each other on the color wheel which usually match well and create serene. (green-blue, blue, blue-violet)
marlborowoods.pngMarlboro Woods, 1999, Oil on Canvas

Monochromatic Colors: a hue, tint, or shade of a single color. (green)
biggersplash.pngA Bigger Splash, 1967. Acrylic on canvas.

Complementary Colors: colors the are opposite of each other on the color wheel which have high contrast and create a vibrant look. (yellow, violet)
redbuoy.pngThe Red Buoy. 1895. Oil on canvas

Warm Colors: vivid and energetic colors which tend to advance in space. (orange)
Picture_7_19-14-37.pngAutumn Light, 1995. Oil on linen

Cool Colors: tend to give the impression of calm and create a soothing impression. (green)
amyshouse.pngAmy's House, 2004, Pastel on paper

Still Life with Reflection


I think that I used marks more like Giorgio Morandi because in his drawings he tried to use thicker lines but spaces them out, where as Van Gogh uses small lines and puts them close together and Moore uses small and thick lines but spaces them way out. You can see this in my background because i purposely didn’t make it a very dark black because I didn’t like how that looked and the cream paper showing through gave it a good texture. Also, Morandi uses fine lines when he goes in with detail, but doesn’t draw them close together which gives the drawing a better look, in my opinion. I also used very fine lines to go in with detail, like on the flower pot, and I also let the paper show through here, because I didn’t want the picture to be entirely black, gray, and white.

I’m definitely proud of my final sketch. Over the year charcoal REALLY hasn’t worked for me. It would not only get all over me, but it would always smudge and I could never get the color right. I also have really bad proportion issues. Every time I tried to draw a person, the head would be three times bigger than their body. I was almost positive that this drawing was going to be horrible, and that everything would look either too big or too small. The candle stick came out perfect though. I am most proud of that. It actually looks like a candlestick and the shading even looks right. I also like the fruit I drew in the basket. I had no idea how I was going to pull off the shading for that, but I think they look pretty good.

Mood: This is my favorite element of drawing, and what I consider to be the most important. I never really considered mood when I would draw before. The darker you make the colors in your drawing, the more dark and depressing your drawing will be. The lighter you make the colors, the more happy and cheerful your drawing will be. When I saw how some people pressed down super hard on their charcoal pencil to get a jet black background, I didn’t like it. I didn’t want my drawing to seem quite as drab and not have as much life to it. Instead, I let some of the cream color of the paper shine through (since I chose not to use gray paper) and it seemed to give the picture more life. The only spot I used a really dark jet black is where I was trying to show where the black paper on the wall met the black fabric on the table. Color: We haven’t worked a lot with color but it is a very big thing for me. When I draw outside of class all I use is color. It is muse. Our last sketchbook assignment was to do a color wheel. I was so happy we could finally use color. However, I was unhappy that we had to use pieces of newspaper to make it. I dislike organized work. I hate using rulers to make straight lines (mostly because I hate straight lines), I hate scenes (I much prefer drawing once leaf in detail and in color than an entire tree), and I hate colors blending together (I like things that POP). So, I tried to just make the color wheel without drawing it in pencil, and that went well for a while. then I couldn’t find a few colors and I made the orange section too small so the whole thing got messed up. Meanwhile everyone else drew theirs in pencil first and it was all organized with pieces that were all around the same size and fit in with each other. See I don’t like that kind of art. Texture: You can have everything the correct proportion, all objects in the right place, and shadows that look completely realistic, and you could have a really bad drawing. Why? Because it has no texture. Texture can be anything. It can be as tiny dots to make a table look like granite. It could be lines that are really close together to make something look like fabric. It could even be criss-crossed lines to show the wrinkles an veins in someone’s hand. Texture is everywhere in real life and if we leave it out in our drawing then we are leaving out the one element that differentiates 2D from 3D. It differentiates young from old, weak from strong, shallow from full, etc etc. Without it, the basket in my final drawing wouldn’t be a basket. It would be a bowl, or a pot, or a container. Texture is needed in almost any drawing.

Portrait Value Collage with Reflection

My technical skills on this project were good in the beginning, and it really began to look like me, but when I got to the hair and the eyes, it all went downhill. The pieces became too big for the area there were supposed to represent and the color was off. I think i deserve a 2.5 or even a 2.
My creative skills have definatly been better before. The gray scale I used had colors too close together right next to each other so from far away it looks like a big gray blob. I also think I could have been more creative with the appearence of the pieces themselves and making them look better. I think i deserve a 3 or a 2.5.

Negative Space with Reflection


I think I did a lot better on technical skills this time. My work looked more finished and complete, and not rushed. A few parts of it were not as finished looking because I accidentally drew some lines where they shouldn’t be, but that is the risk you take with a black pen. I think I deserve a 3.5 in this category.
I think my creative skills were a bit lacking in this project. I know my background was not exactly “normal” looking, but when we went around in class and saw everyone else’s designs, I felt like mine wasn’t as creative. It couldn’t have had ore diversity, like having some lines not go just up and down. I think I deserve a 3 in this category.
I believe artists make thumbnail drawings first because it helps with proportions. Sketching a grid on my thumbnail version it really helped me transfer my drawing better and get the proportions right. I have lots of trouble doing proportionate drawing. Whenever I try to draw a person they always have a HUGE head and a tiny body. When I used the grid, I found that my to drawings look almost exactly alike, except for the size.
It matters what pattern you choose to use for your project because each pattern will make the picture look different. You could use the exact same plant drawing for each one, but the more different the background the more different the whole picture. My background was very dark, so it gave a darker mood to my picture. Some other people, like Lucy for example, did a design that was lighter and more circular which gave a dizzying effect to the picture.

Leaf Designs and Reflection

Free Choice

I believe my technical skills might have been a bit lacking in this project. I not only didn’t have the project finished in time but I also had a bit of poor craftsmanship on most of my designs. I wish I could have done better with my symmetry design and my free choice design. I think I deserve a 2.
I think my creative problem solving skills were actually fairly good. I think I came up with some pretty nice designs for the Principles of Art (though I could have done better). I think I deserve a 3.
I feel my tension leaf design best shows positive and negative space but I don’t really have a way of explaining it. It just looks very neat and put together better than the others. Plus it intertwines the positive and negative space together. I wish I had a more artistic answer, but to me the design just feels right.
I again think my tension leaf design best captures the Principle of art, mostly because when you look at it your eyes get almost dizzy. Also the closeness of the black lines to the black pieces in the white lines make it harder on your eyes than it would if they had space between them.

Sketchbook Assignments:

Falling and Exploding


Household Tools