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Landscape Painting


Still-Life # 1


1. I think that my art is most similar to Van Gogh’s because it uses similar line thickness and depth. In my drawing I used the same technic as Van Gogh, which was to pull the color out of the lights and darks. This helped to not only added realistic depth but to make it pop of the page.
2. Out of all the drawings and sketches we’ve done in this unit I feel that my final still-life drawing came out the best. The reason I think this is because after learning more diffrent styles of creating cross hatching, shadeing, and line thickness I was able to make this particular drawing more life like and seem to pop of the page. Another thing that contributed to makeing this was looking at the works of Henry Moore, Vincent van Gogh and Giorgio Morandi, I was able to adapt my way of drawing to use their various styles such as how Vincent van Gogh used shadows to create depth in his drawing “The Hague”. The last reason I have for why I think this is my best work is because
3. I learned to pull the darks and lights to help add to the depth.I learned to use the eraser to help lighten up some areas.I learned to color an area with the same type of depth then go back in and lightly dab part of the area with the eraser to lighten it up then darken the other part to give it an even cross hatch.

Still-Life # 2


Color Meaning Collage


Painted Color Wheel


Value Portrait

1. Technical Skills:
I thought that by layering the peices it helped flow better then if they where scrunched up next each other. I also thought that by useing flater ends in some areas it help to show sepert areas like my chin from my neck. Another thing I thought I did well was to switch colors frequintly to show the changes in value. The last thing I did well was to use smaller bits of paper insted of larger chunks.
2. Creative Problem-solving Skills:
To slove some of the problems I encounterd I came up with certin ideas to help me. One was layer the paper to make it flow better. another 3. way I did this was by frequintly switching the values. The last one I used was useing smaller bits of paper
Why might the exercise of breaking down a photograph into value shapes help when you are drawing?
It helps you to see the diffrent valuse of the peices such as color in some cases like darker or lighter colors. Another thing that it might help with is telling where the shadows fall across the objects and backround. It also is helpful in pointing out where the light is comeing from in the picture. If you can use values effectivley then it can help make the picture more realistic.

Negative Space with Reflection

1. Technical Skills Justification:
I feel as though the project came out rather well. The dots create holes in the white making the observers eyes keep moving so the see the picture in its entirety
2. Creative Problem-Solving Skills Justification:
I feel that normally using dots would be rather common but in using more or less of them together it creates value which makes somethings more prominent.
3. Why do artists make thumbnail sketches before starting a formal drawing? In what ways did it affect your work?
It helps them get the general idea and plan out what to do with the whole picture.
4.Why does it matter what pattern you choose for your background? How do different patterns affect the "look" of this project?
if it has vertical lines then people might think of it as taller then it really is and if it has horizontal line then people might think its wider.

Leaf Designs

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