Landscape Painting


I think that my work would fall into the meets category because I think that I really able to follow those requirements very well. I know that I have all of my work done, and that I have followed all of the requirements. I also think that this piece of work is done with good quality, and I did my best to add as much detail as I could. Overall, I think my painting is a good example of a meets in this case.
For this part, I think that I deserve a meets again, for a couple reasons. The first is that I think that I was able to make a good replica of the photo, which was one of the most challenging parts of this assignment. As for the colors, I know that I have at least eight that follow my color scheme, if not more. And I always made sure that I mixed at least two or three colors to make the exact shade that I wanted for this painting. Last is the texture, which I tried very hard on. I used several different brush strokes and other ways of creating texture, and I think that it really made a difference in this case.

Painted Color Wheel


Color Meaning Collage


Sketchbook Still Life 2


Sketchbook Still Life 1


Hue- This is a color or shade.
Primary Colors- A group of colors that any other color can be made from by mixing. primary_colors.png
Secondary Colors- These are colors that are created by mixing two of the primary colors. There are three different secondary colors. secondary_colors.png
Tertiary Colors- These colors are made by mixing primary and secondary colors. There are six tertiary colors. teirtiary_colors.png
Analogous Colors- This is a color scheme that uses colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. analogus_colors.png
Monochromatic Colors- These are all the different shades and tints of a single color. images.jpg
Complimentary Colors- These colors are opposite on the color wheel and compliment each other. complimentary.gif
High Intensity- A painting that is made of bright colors and sharp contrasts has high intensity. high_intensity.jpg
Low Intensity- Opposite of high intensity, the colors are very mellow and create a softer appearance. low_intensity.jpg

Warm Colors- The warm colors make up half of the color wheel and they are usually bright and happy.
Cool Colors- These colors make up the other half of the color wheel, and create a calmer mood.

In Class Work

Face Collage


Face Collage Reflection

I believe that I meet the standards in this area because I feel that I did a good job making a quality collage, and I think that the final result almost resembles the actual picture. I also think that there are not very many holes in the collage, and the pieces I used do not have a lot of white paper showing and are not too big. All of these things are qualities that the final collage needs to have in order to meet the standards.
In this area, I feel that I also meet the standards, and for a couple of reasons. The first is that I feel that in some parts of my collage, there is almost no white paper showing from under the paint. I was able to do that by peeling sheets of the dried paint off of the paper and using that on the collage. I felt that this medium was easier to tear, handle, and of course, eliminated the unwanted white edges around the pieces that I used on the collage. The next reason is that I feel that I did something unique with the background of my collage. In this part, I left some of the white paper around each piece I used. In the final product, it looks like a mosaic tile background, and the other reason for this look is because I used small pieces in the background, while others used larger sheets of paper for this larger space.
I think that by doing this project, we have learned to look at, and identify each individual shade in a picture. This will help us while drawing, and our final negative space drawings will have more detail than they would have had if we had not been able to see all of these different shades.

Negative Space Drawing


Negative Space Drawing Reflection

I think that I did a good job on this project for many reasons. The first reason is that I took a lot of time to do this project, and I think that the final result shows that. I also think that I did a good job choosing the best of my thumbnails the use as the final picture, and I think that the design for the background is also unique and adds a lot to the final picture. I think that I also did a good job following the directions, I think that I included all of the requirements in this project and it added to the final look of the drawing. Overall, I think that I did a fairly good job on this project and I hope that my drawing reflects the way that I feel I did on it.

Leaf Designs

P8090001.jpg P8090002.jpg P8090003.jpg P8090004.jpg
Free Choice Rhythm Tension Symmetry

Leaf Design Reflection

I think that I did a good job with the cutting of the black paper, and I like that the edges of my shapes are clean. I also like that I was able to do a clean job with the gluing of the leaves, and I am happy about the quality of my finished piece. I think that my work meets the standards because I think that I did a good job but did not go above and beyond the requirements. What I do not like about my leaf designs is that I feel I could have added more to the designs, but I just did not have enough time to add the small details or make as intricate a design that I wanted.

I think that my leaf designs would meet the standards for problem solving because I think that I used unique ways of making leaf designs out of the simple cut out leaves. I think that there would have been much easier, simpler way to make the leaf designs that still follow the rules. But instead I chose to use problem solving to make my designs more creative. The creative problem solving is a good way to make a normal design interesting.

I think that my design for tension is the design that best example of the use of positive and negative space. In this design there are many different examples of the positive and negative space, and there are many different techniques used to make the design. I think that this is a good example of how to make a positive negative design interesting.

I think that the tension is the best example for this as well because the only requirements for this design were to put the leaves close together, and I think that I did this in a creative way. The leaves all together in this design make an interesting pattern, that still follows the requirements. I think that a part of a good, creative design would be to make it original pattern that shows different techniques, and I definitely think I did this here.

Sketchbook Assignments

Still Life 1




Falling and Exploding

DSC00729.jpg DSC00730.jpg
Falling Exploding

Household Tools