In class work

Negative space. Though the filler may look like giberish, they are actually Ha's.

Color Vocab


A shade or color

Primary Colors

Red, blue, and yellow

Secondary colors

Green, Orange, and purple

Tertiary Colors

These are created by morphing a secondary color with a primary color

Analogous Colors

Colors that are located right next to each other.
blue Purple, light purple, red

Monochromatic Colors

Colors that have similar hues. An example would be Blue, purple, light blue, dark blue.

Complementary Colors

Colors that are opposites of each other, an example would be that yellow is an opposite of blue

High Intensity

Colors that capture the eyes, the hue doesn’t matter most of the time

Low Intensity

colors that are not captured by the eyes. they are usually are put with high intensity colors

Warm Colors

Red, orange, yellow, white

Cool Colors

Black, brown, blue, purple, green

Negative Space Reflection

Collage Value Study Rubric and Self Assessment

Technical Skills
I believe I deserve a meets, because most parts of the negative space are filled in. One problem I encountered was the the size of the “Ha”s, they varied to medium to small. The big problem though was when the fillers started going into a diagonal pattern, which made the formation stand out. I had no choice but to continue my mistake, and see how it would turn out. In the end it really didn’t bother me too much, but I still would like to be able to rectify it.

Creative Problem-Solving
I believe I deserve a meets.5 because The “Ha”s were an idea previously used, in fact one of the reasons why did such a pattern was because of The Joker. I was the only one who thought of it in the classroom and as I like to be unique and give nerdy tributes to pieces of of my work, I felt it was a must. It worked out relatively well and was much better than my original design, which would not have been quite a s imaginative and would have looked rushed. With my design I am proud to have though up such a farfetched concept.

Leaf designs

Free Choice
rythm leaf design


Leaf reflection

1. Technical Skills Justification:

I believe that I deserve a meets.5, partly because most of my designs were original and unique. The negative space use could have used some work because it was lacking in most of my pieces. I took this into account for my final design, which used the whit space much better.

Creative Problem-Solving Skills Justification:

Creativity was an issue that came up an awful lot during the designing. I believe I deserve a Meets- because I made my designs too late and all of the original ideas were taken. during the last two pieces I had to do a different version of another student’s work.

3. Which of the four designs do you feel is the most successful in terms of using positive and negative space well? Please explain.

The piece that uses the most positive and negative space (and my favorite) was my Tension design because I believe I utilized my white space and black space effectively and evenly. The black leaf outlines help utilize white space, and make it look somewhat original, while the black leaf outline also makes random designs in white space. Also the near mirror imaging is something I could use some more work on, as I could have done an outline instead. The bizarre shapes and close-proximity of the objects make this my favorite design.

Portrait Value Collage


Portrait Value collage reflection

1. I believe I deserve a Partially.25 meets because The completed project looks human-like, but doesn’t resemble me. When I had started glueing the pieces, they had been smallish. When I had gotten to the face I realized I would need more values. I borrowed from other people and that seemed to work out, until near the end. I realized I wasn’t going to finish, so I took it home. I had started pasting the values, but I didn’t have enough of the values. So as a result most of everything had been re-used. As a result the painting looked redundant.

I believe I deserve a Partially Meets. To solve the value problem, I asked people if I could borrow their values, And it seemed to work out well. It came to bite me back when I did it at home, and I lost my value consistency. As a result, my face looked like one belonging to a zombie.

3. It would be helpful because they could break up the values and correctly assemble the picture, without messing up the shading. Since it is possible to cut and paste the shadow, you can be as accurate as you need to be, while shading is difficult and can produce unsatisfactory results.

Final Still life


1.My still life was most similar to Henry Moore’s works. The relations are easiest spotted in The Artist’s Hands III. The marks are similar to my work because I exaggerated the shadows and made the items darker than reality. This is most visible with the can, where there should be parts of near pure white, but aren’t there because of the darkness overage. These marks were used because they made my artwork look much better than anything else I had drawn, so I stuck with it. Although, When I applied shadow to objects, I should have been lighter on the charcoal.

2, My final piece seems to have the best work, mostly because of the great usage of shadow, and light. The earliest pictures attempted were terrible and could not show good representation of shadow. As the attempts moved on, they didn’t seem to improve, until during the brown practice paper, I asked a student how to apply shadow. After he demonstrated, I was somehow able to do the exact same thing. and after that I was able to use it effectively and use it anytime.

3. The most important rule I learned, was to always go light when applying shadow. The biggest problem with my still life was it being to dark, as I often applied more shadow than necessary. Another important rule would be to always ask for help when needed. Without asking for help my piece would have not looked well at all, with badly rendered shadows and too much light saturation. A third rule I learned was to focus on a small area, I didn’t listen to it, so I ended up taking a extra class to finish. Plus all the shadow and light was frustrating and took too much time and effort. If I had focused on one smaller area, the piece would have looked much better, because of the detail that could have been put in.

Final painting rubric

Checklist for Final Painting Portfolio: X Ansel Adam's landscape photograph X Completed Painting, with midpoint suggestions on back X Completed Rubric I believe I deserve a meets.5 because of the time and effort I put on the painting. The techniques I used were varied and helped put the difference in between colors and made the composition feel nice. The light difference made it feel more realistic, and the dark value worked well with the overall painting. There is some lacking in the detail department, especially with the water, which could have finished if given enough time. This work deserves a meets because of most of the color similarities are intact. However the particular style of the person is hard to see. This is because the way I draw things makes it difficult to mimic the painting composition.The Ansel Adams relations are very similar, detail is the only lacking factor.

Sketchbook Assignments



Exploding design


Falling design


Household tool

Household Tool

Still life 1


Still life 2


Color meaning college


Painted color wheel