In Class Work:

Negative Space With Reflection:


1. Technical Skills Justification:
I think I did pretty well with this project because the pattern is consistent throughout the whole drawing. I also did four pretty well done thumbnails from each plant. The craftsmanship may not be that great because there is quite a bit of smuding and 3 different pen colors were used because I didn’t have the same pen at home. The outline of the leaves themselves are pretty good, but when I added some more leaves to make it look more interesting, the extra leaves seemed a little fake.
2. Creative Problem-Solving Skills Justification:
The positive and negative space work well with each other and are equally interesting. The only draw back is the different pen colors that were used. The pattern isn’t unique because a lot of people used the pattern in their work too. But if there were only two different pen colors it might have been better because then it would be kind of like a cool have and have thing.
3. Why do artists make thumbnail sketches before starting a formal drawing?external image DSC01192.jpg
In what ways did it affect your work? They make thumbnail sketches because they can see what the final drawing would look like. They also make them to help them choose which one they want to do a final drawing on. This helped me chose which one I liked best. It also helped me just focus on one little part of the plant.
4. Why does it matter what pattern you choose for your background? How do different patterns affect the "look" of this project?
It actually doesn’t matter what pattern you choose. It doesn’t matter because any type of pattern will make the drawing look unique. I chose stars just because I thought it would be really easy, but it’s not.

Value Collage and Reflection:

1. Technical Skills: I would give myself a partially meets because I do have a lot of gaps in the collage. In most parts of the collage it doesn’t even really look like a face, it just mainly looks like a big blob of paper. It definitly needs more attention to detail. Although, the modge-pod is holding everything together very well so that it’s not falling apart.
2. Creative Problem-Solving Skills: The shapes and features don’t look like there supposed too. They look like a one dimensional piece of paper that has different colored papers here and there. The shapes are poorly defined and therefore, not very well done. It’s also kinda hard to tell what the collage is supposed to be about.
3. Why might the exercise of breaking down a photograph into value shapes help when you are drawing?
It can help you to see the different values of when you are drawing. Also, it can help you define the different shapes more easily. It can also help to look carefully at what your doing to be as accurate as possible.

Leaf Designs and Reflection:

IMG_5095.JPG Symmetry



IMG_5096.JPGFree Choice

1. Technical Skills: I think I should get a 3 because there are barely any glue smudges and the work is neat. Also, there are very few visible pencil marks. The leaves are also placed in a specific place to give it the effect that it should be; like with rhythm I put the leaves in a way that looks like they’re falling.
2. Creative Problem-Solving Skills Justification: I would give my designs a 2 because I think they are interesting. Except I don’t think I made them very creatively. And I didn’t do anything different or out of the ordinary to make them stand out. Also, on some of the designs, it’s somewhat plain.
3. I think I was most successful with tension because its interesting to look at and there’s many ways that I used the positive and negative space. Also, some of the leaves overlap, but it makes it look better and inside I put in a solid black leaf and it made the design more interesting when you look at it. And the positive space is also pretty interesting to look at.
4. Again, the most successful was tension. The outline of the big leaf compliments the little leaf inside it very well. Also, the big leaf cut in half makes it a little interesting too because it just barely overlaps the outline of the big leaf and it looks pretty cool. The small leaves also added some interesting patterns to the design.

Sketchbook Assignments:






Household Tool:


Still Life:


Still Life 2:


Painted Color Wheel: